“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

— PSALM 30:5 —

When someone you love dies, your world is torn apart at many levels. You are faced with the difficult but important journey of mourning and healing. Having a safe place to openly express your thoughts and emotions about the person who has died is essential in this process. Ignoring your grief and pretending you are doing better than you actually are will not make it go away. Grief is one of those things that will find a way to be expressed, even if it is in an unhealthy manner.

Everyone experiences grief in their own unique way. Based upon the nature of the relationship, the circumstances around the death and your own cultural and religious background you may wonder if what you are feeling is “normal.” It helps to know that there are some common experiences that people in mourning may share.

  • You may feel a variety of emotions at any one time or even at the same time: confusion, disorganization, guilt, relief or anger.

  • You may feel nothing at all. Some people say they feel “numb.”

  • You may be in a fog and unable to perform day to day tasks required of you, especially if this is a recent loss

  • You may feel exhausted and lack the energy required to make decisions and move on with life.

  • You may experience extreme sadness all of a sudden when there is a reminder of your loved one.

Grief is an experience that if processed in a healthy way can lead to much personal and spiritual growth. This is not easily done without facing your pain. Please call so you can begin the work of grieving, finding a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in your life.